Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanks to all of you who helped make the 2011-2012 NAEA year a success! Our term has officially ended and a new group of fabulous Art Education students are taking over for the 2012-2013 school year. Our blog will remain active for as long as I have my personal blog so that we can use this on our resume's and such. I had such a great time working with all of you, and look forward to seeing our careers as artists, teachers, and professionals grow.

Please keep in touch with the new NAEA crew on facebook and if anyone has a question, or want's to keep in touch via blogger, please visit my personal art blog at

Thanks for a great year all!

Best Wishes!!

Megan White

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello All, It was nice meeting you all tonight! For those of you that couldn't make the meeting, my name is Megan White, and I am the NAEA President Mentor for the new leadership core of the NAEA student chapter. For the last year I've been working with NAEA as President, and am here if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.

I hope you all got a brief idea of what NAEA is all about at tonights meetings, while it was very broad, and a lot to get through, I think you are off to a great start! Feel free to email me if you need anything or just want to say hi and introduce yourself. If you would like further contact info, email me and I'll get my cell to you. While I am student teaching, and won't be on campus, I'll be available as much as I can to you all semester to help you guys out in any way possible. I look forward to working with you, have a wonderful semester! 

Megan White

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome Back Art Eddies!!!

Hello Art Education Majors!!! Welcome new students and welcome back upperclassmen! We have a lot to discuss since our last meeting!!

Be on the look out! Check your TU email, facebook, involved@TU account, our blog, and the CFA for flyers!!!

We are having our first meeting of the year in less than two weeks!!!

Wednesday, September 12th
CA 2001

Pizza and drinks will be served!!!!

Come check out NAEA, learn about the organization, elect student officers, and meet fellow art education students! 

Also, some important updates: Check out the "Volunteer Opportunities" Tab for 2012 internship/job opportunities as well as the "Exhibit" Tab to check out the photos from our Those Who Can Do...Teach Exhibit at TAC!

See you all soon,

Megan White

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keep an Eye Out

Aloha Art-ies!

Keep an eye on the blog, Involved@TU, and our FB page (and on campus bulletin Boards) for our upcoming meeting- this will be the first one of the 2012 Spring Semester! Lots to discuss!!!! Until then.... Best!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First News of 2012!


Hope you are having a fabulous break, resting up, and eating well! As we get our thoughts together for the rest of the month, there are some updates with NAEA that you won't want to forget!

Of course we are all excited about our upcoming exhibition, Those Who Can Do... TEACH! at Towson Arts Collective on view January 20, 2012-February 24, 2012 and need to remember the following dates:
- January 5, 2012 1pm-4pm Delivery of Art to Towson Arts Collective
- January 7, 2012 12pm-3pm Pick Up of Unaccepted Art from Gallery
- January 20, 2012 6pm-8pm Opening Reception, Light Refreshments will be served
- February 24, 2012 Last day of show
- February 25, 2012 12pm-3pm Pick Up of Art From Gallery

Secondly, our friends from Young Audiences of Maryland sent some important info our way regarding job opportunities for the upcoming graduates, and volunteer opportunities for YA's two large events this spring. See the "Volunteer Opportunities" Tab for details.

Also, with the upcoming semester, NAEA will undergo a transition period of officers. Please see the "Contact Info, Links, Resources" Tab for details on Open Positions for the 2012 Spring Semester and info on Elections.

See you Soon!

Megan White

Friday, December 16, 2011

Volunteers Needed to Sit Gallery during Upcoming NAEA Student Exhibition

We are in need of Art Education Students and NAEA Members to Volunteer at Towson Arts Collective during our upcoming exhibition.

This is a great opportunity for us! (Especially if you plan on selling your work) Going into the show, the commission rate is 60/40, 60% to artist and 40% to the gallery. If you sit the gallery, the rate goes down dramatically! For one sit, the commission rate becomes 80/20. And then for 2x, the commission rate becomes 90/10! Since TAC is not charging very much, we need to plan on having as many gallery volunteers as possible! This is also another resume builder! Employers love seeing volunteer work and gallery experience.

The show will be on exhibition from January 20, 2012- February 24, 2012. The gallery will be open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12-5pm.

See "Volunteer Opportunities" Tab to view slots needing to be filled. Email Megan White with any questions or concerns.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bake Sale Starts Tomorrow!!!

Just a reminder that our Final Exam/Holiday Bake Sale starts tomorrow!!!!!

We still need people to volunteer to set up and sell baked goods in the cfa atrium as well as bring in baked goods for BOTH DAYS!

Right now this is what's been recorded:

Table for Tuesday Dec 13:
9-10am _____________________ ???
10-11 am ___________________???
11am-12pm _________________???
12pm-1pm Christine and Danielle
1-2pm Christine and Danielle
2-3pm ______________________???

Baked Goods for Tuesday Dec 13:
Christine Long- Marshmellow Pops
Alex Borelis
Sam- Cupcakes and more...
Megan White- Choc covered pretzels with peppermints and blueberry muffins
Mai-Ly Nguyen

Table for Wednesday Dec 14:
9-10 am Megan White
10-11am Sam Green
11am-12pm Mary Tippett
12pm-1pm ___________________???
1pm-2pm Katherine Nochera
2pm-3pm Sarah Timmcke and Shana Teel

Baked Goods for Wednesday Dec 14:
Annie Boes

So as you can see we still need some volunteers to sit the tables and to bring in baked goods. Usually we have items left over to sell for the second day, but we want to make sure we have enough to sell.

Shana's made a great sign and thanks to those of you that participated, we have a bunch of buttons to sell along with the baked goods!

If you are able to volunteer some time to watch the tables, please call, text, or email me back asap!

Megan White
443 248 3831